Windsurfing Lessons

With our RYA trained instructor we offer lessons for any level from complete beginners, intermediate (Carve Gybe, Water Start), advanced and expert to safely windsurf in challenging conditions.

This fast growing sport has never been so easy to learn, with the latest equipment, ultra wide boards, soft all over deck and light and easy to use dynamic sails. This sport can be picked up in a matter of hours and could have you whizzing around across the water like a skimming stone.

  • RYA Trained Instructor
  • First Aid Certificated
  • Boat Handler Certificated
  • Jet Ski Rescue Water Craft (RWC) in operation
  • Liability Insured
  • CRB Checked

Taster/Beginner Windsurfing Lessons at Minster Windsurf Academy


As a complete beginner, you will complete taster session which consists of a short dvd watch, dry land tuition, and practice on the simulator, before moving on to an on the water experience.

Duration: Approx 2 hours
Price: £40 Per Adult | £30 per child

Windsurfing Improver Sessions at Minster Windsurf Academy


For those who have completed the taster session and wish to learn more and windsurf more. Your progress will be monitored, tips and advice given where necessary. Sessions will work towards your Academy level one.

Price: £40 Per Hour Per Adult | £30 per hour per child

Coaching Intermediate and Expert Skills at Minster Windsurf Academy


These sessions are aimed at those windsurfers wishing to learn a certain skill(s) and/or advance to intermediate or expert levels. You can choose whichever category you would like to learn. E.g.
Stance, Carve Gybes, Water Starts etc…

Price: £40 Per Hour Per Person

Refresher Sessions at Minster Windsurf Academy


This is aimed at those who have windsurfed at some stage in the past, and would like to get back into the sport. Comprising of modern day kit use and refresher pointers/instruction.

Price: £40 Per Hour Per Person

Academy level 1

Consists of: Secure position, Static turn, The sailing position, Steering the board, Tacking, Safety, Upwind and downwind tacks, Downwind sailing and gybing.

  Before any lesson: You will be required to read, complete and sign relevant forms. All payments to be made prior to your lesson. Buoyancy aids MUST be worn by all persons during lessons. Suitable clothing and footwear must be worn. A wetsuit, (swimsuit underneath) shorts/t-shirts, tracksuits. Wet shoes, trainers, plimsolls etc. Warm outer clothing is needed as some tuition time will be spent on land. In hot weather, please bring and use a high factor sunscreen and hat. Don’t forget to bring a towel. If the weather is foul, your lesson may have to be cancelled. We apologize in advance if your lesson has to be cancelled. Please call if in any doubt. (We have a selection of buoyancy aids, wetsuits and shoes available).